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any books or videos to study

i don't see any recomended reading or any videos geared towards ACMA.

I have cbt nugets for cisco wireless but nothing for Aruba.

any suggestions please.


Re: any books or videos to study

56 views in 2 weeks and not 1 reply?


great community HP Aruba



Re: any books or videos to study


Good morning,

Here is the ACMP ref guide:

basically you should get all your info from all the bellow links + daily practice in deployments


So let's begin,

Anyone that attending Aruba BootCamp getting the needed meterils to start with.

Aruba got a lot of good info links (In my opinion , Better then any other vendor out there),I collected a few good links:


1. AirHeads forum :) You are now in it,And if you have any specific question related to deployment or scenario or pruduct line or design or mobility or byod or iot and more , You free to ask , And trust me , You will get you answer.

2. Aruba VRD's:

3.Aruba Support site docs:

4.Online Instant training:

5.Aruba Solution exchange:

6.Aruba knowledgebase:

7.The aruba site itself contain a lot of basic product line , you should also learn.

8.And last :) , The AOS guide itself



Hope i gave some directions to start with.


Have a lovely day,


Done be upset ( remember , in order to get the right answer, you should ask the right question)



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Re: any books or videos to study

thank you sir

New Contributor

Re: any books or videos to study

Thank you very much Sir!

that should keep me busy for a while.

New Member

Re: any books or videos to study

It will! Much appreciated!

Re: any books or videos to study

Hey, I can't thank you enough; I have gotten through 3 modules already. I'm so excited this will help me at work when my clearance is approved and then i can begin my job.


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