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Atmosphere ANZ 2015

anz-atm-community.event_300x225.jpgArmed with mobile devices, a new generation of users known as #GenMobile is transforming every aspect of work and personal communication. How you choose to deal with #GenMobile today will have a profound and lasting effect on your organization well into the future.


Everything must be considered and brought into a strategy to support How Tomorrow Moves, including reducing the number of wired switches, ensuring secure network access for users and devices no matter where they are, and accommodating ever-increasing densities of mobile devices.


Atmosphere brings together well over 300 leading mobility and Wi-Fi technology experts from all fields – as well as resellers, business executives, industry analysts and media. Join us for three days of discussion, collaboration and knowledge transfer under one common theme: How Tomorrow Moves.



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Getting More from your Network with SDN            

This session provides an overview of HP's Software Defined Networking (SDN) feature set and will review the benefits of following SDN apps for network operations and IT security  teams: HP Network Protector, HP Network Optimizer and HP Visualizer.


Packets never lie: An in-depth overview of 802.11 frames           

This session covers different 802.11 frame types as well as MSDU, MPDU, PSDU, PPDU and other terminology. We will explain and showcase some of the common problems you can solve with a packet analyzer. Join us to improve your game as you overcome the toughest network connectivity issues.


Wireless Security Fundamentals       

Security is always a top-of-mind issue for WLAN deployments, no matter what business you're in. But it’s an issue that's loaded with acronyms, confusing terminology, and some degree of black-art mystique. This session starts with basic principles of cryptography and gives you a thorough understanding of how Wi-Fi authentication and encryption work to keep network safe. You’ll also learn about 802.1X authentication, tradeoffs of different EAP methods, why proper client configuration is so important, and why Aruba insists that role-based access control is critical in a modern mobile network. 


Deploying mobile unified communication with Microsoft Lync on Aruba Wi-Fi    

Instant chat, videoconferencing, voice calling, file transfer, desktop sharing and web conferencing are all part of Microsoft Lync, which can significantly reduce unified communication and collaboration costs. And your WLAN should understand all these different traffic flows, report on call quality, support high-definition data transfer for video and more. Hear about best practices for app-level configuration and learn how to get your Aruba WLAN ready for Microsoft Lync.


Aruba WLANs 101 and design fundamentals       

Although Aruba makes it easy to choose the best WLAN architecture to fit your IT and business needs, it's vital to sort through some critical predeployment issues before you get started. Join us to review the latest product and architectural options from Aruba as well as validated WLAN design best practices. This session includes in-depth coverage of Aruba Instant and Aruba Mobility Controllers.


Replacing legacy AAA with Aruba ClearPass and securing BYOD / IoT with Adaptive Trust security             

As opposed to laptops, IT organizations lose control over the operating system, device type and app usage on commercially available mobile devices that employees bring to work and Internet of Things (IoT) devices that line of business buyers want to connect to the network. With ClearPass, IT organization can respond to both of these trends and protect themselves against jailbroken devices, malware and more. Join us to learn why even the largest networking customers of our competitors are trusting ClearPass to implement network access control and policy management for wireless and wired access. We will cover the latest on integration with HP-Aruba wired networking portfolio, competitive sales plays and unique set of use cases powered with new technology partnerships.


Campus Networking and HPE Aruba Switching      

In this session, we will go through a step-by-step reference architecture guide in designing a high performance, highly available campus access, distribution and core infrastructure. We will cover unique features offered by HP switching platforms and review interoperability with other networking infrastructure.


Enterprise Security        

Enterprise Security within the mobility framework & extension of discussion into ClearPass Exchange and other ClearPass integration touchpoints across access layer security


HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) for campus core infrastructure management and orchestration

After an overview presentation, we will demonstrate live how HP's multi-vendor IMC software can be used to manage day to day operations for the campus core.


Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager with guest access and mobile device onboarding           

Learn more about Aruba ClearPass with hands-on demos. You'll have a better understanding of all the configuration, monitoring and reporting options that are available to you. You'll also soak-up practical, working knowledge about integrating ClearPass with your multivendor wireless and wired access network as well as the SSO, MDM, WAN firewall, and other security infrastructures you have in place.



Mobile engagement with Aruba Beacons and the Meridian Mobile App Platform – Live Demos 

Aruba Beacons, powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, are here! Learn how to deploy hundreds of Aruba Beacons and manage them centrally or via a mobile app. We'll also discuss how your business partners can take advantage of the Aruba Meridian platform to kickstart their mobile engagement efforts and personalize their Wi-Fi experience using their own custom-branded mobile app and indoor location services.


Aruba Mobility Controllers and AirWave network management for WLANs        

Practice makes perfect so be sure to explore everything new in Aruba Mobility Controllers and AirWave network management. You'll gain a thorough understanding of all configuration, monitoring and reporting features as well as working knowledge about newer capabilities like simplified licensing, application-level visibility, network health monitoring, mobile unified communication diagnostics, and a lot more..


A-to-Z design guide for the all-wireless workplace           

Aruba customers have saved millions by going all-wireless so don't miss out. Our customers and members of our professional services team will walk you through the best practices that will help you cut the cord and go all-wireless. We'll cover end-user training, network rightsizing analysis, guidance on phased migration, monitoring and reporting, and a lot more.

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