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ATM16 Breakout Videos

Here are a few breakout session videos from Atmosphere 2016 in Vegas. I hope you enjoy these. Let me know what one is your favorite. Also, if you attended ATM16 in Vegas tell us what other breakout you want us to add next. More to come! 


Anatomy of an AP: Dissect Aruba 320 series to get below the surface - Access points can be complex! Let's get together to dissect an Aruba AP-325 to see how the hardware and all the different components make up an Aruba access point.


Take a walk on the wired side: Design fundamentals for Aruba switching in the campus - This session will provide a technical overview of campus switching, intended for wireless specialists who want to get to know the wired infrastructure components a bit better.


Fast tracking network configuration with Aruba Solution Exchange configuration templatesLearn about Aruba Solution Exchange (ASE) and how its pre-defined configurations database can make things easier for your day to day network operations as you work with Aruba wireless LAN infrastructure and software solutions.  


Enhancing mobile apps in the public facing enterprise with the Aruba Meridian SDKLearn how venues that already have a mobile app can use the Meridian Software Development Kits (SDKs) to integrate navigation,  proximity notification and other location based services indoors.


Mobile device roaming behaviors - Not all mobile devices are created equal and not all agree on the best ways to roam when connected to Wi-Fi networks. A recent poll of Wi-Fi experts agree 80% of Wi-Fi issues are client related. Wi-Fi clients are like humans. They all hear differently (receive sensitivity), speak at different levels (transmission power), and each have their own roaming behavior. In this session we will exam 802.11 AP-AP client roaming, triggers and mechanisms,  advance security roaming overhead and protocols OKC, PMK, and 802.11r/k/v. Join us to learn more about troubleshooting a wide range of device connectivity issues and client roaming problems in this session.


Enhanced Network Security, Visibility And Optimization with (SDN) -  This session provides an overview of HPE's Software Defined Networking (SDN) feature set and will review the benefits of following SDN apps for network operations and IT security teams: HPE Network Protector, HP Network Optimizer, and HP Visualizer. 


Connect and protect: Building a trust-based Internet of Things for business critical apps The Internet of Things can deliver smart spaces — intelligent meeting areas, location services, and real time monitoring are just a few applications that make the workplace more efficient and productive. When installed with care, the IoT infrastructure offers great business benefits and improved operations. Join us to learn why organizations are taking the next step in enabling smart buildings.


Large scale, distributed access management deployment with Aruba ClearPass -  Running or planning on deploying a large ClearPass cluster? See what others are doing in larger environments to improve their deployments This session is designed to help customers that run the largest and most demanding networks learn how to deal with multiple locations, 100k+ endpoints, and strict SLA’s. Come to this session to discuss architecture for distributed deployments and how to better design your install for high performance, high availability needs. This is the one session where we’ll include the most experienced ClearPass team members for what will be a highly interactive session.


Adapting to evolving user, security, and business needs with Aruba ClearPass
After your successful ClearPass deployment, how will you know if it's still performing properly? In this session, you'll learn how to use our built-in dashboard, logging and trending tools to identify problem areas, and reasonable threshold levels related to authentications, as well as overall appliance performance numbers. See how to turn on and use proactive notifications before problems occur that can keep users from connecting. Hear about best-practices for operationalizing ClearPass as the growth of devices, authentications, and collected data increases. 


The New Imperative In The Data Center With Workload Centric Networking -  Software-defined networking and network virtualization deliver a completely new operational model that breaks through current physical legacy network barriers, allowing you to evolve to an on-demand IT infrastructure. Join us to see how HPE offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of network virtualization solutions supporting HPE Helion OpenStack; VMware NSX® and NFV use cases, to help transition to an open, standards-based, software-defined infrastructure.


LIVE DEMO: HPE SDN applications -  Join us to see how you can enhance network security, optimization, and visibility with HPE SDN applications. You'll see first hand how HPE Network Protector gives zero-threat protection at the edge of the network and how HPE Network Optimizer delivers enhanced user experience for Skype for Business. We'll also demo troubleshooting with HPE Network Visualizer.


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