ATM16 Vegas

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Digital Workplace Fundamentals

The shift to mobile-cloud has changed how we think about enterprise networking. This track is for architects and engineers who want to understand  the wired and wireless products and technologies that serve as the foundation for the digital workplace.



Wi-Fi and radio fundamentals, and 802.11ac technology deep diveNeighboring Wi-Fi networks, RF noise sources, and indoor and outdoor coverage patterns can all impact mobile device performance on WLANs. This session will give you a better understanding of radio coverage patterns for different types of antennas and covers related essentials in the Wi-Fi standard. Join us also to learn more about 802.11ac, multi-user MIMO and transmit beamforming with Wave 2, and more.


Design fundamentals for remote and branch access networksThis session will discuss WAN, branch and remote networking, including zero touch deployment, network security, simple and fast convergence for large scale IPSec deployments, seamless integration with cloud-based services, ADVPN, and others. 


Wireless LAN design fundamentals in the campus Although Aruba makes it easy to choose the best WLAN architecture to fit your IT and business needs, it's vital to sort through some critical predeployment issues before you get started. Join us to review the latest product and architectural options from Aruba as well as validated WLAN design best practices. This session includes in-depth coverage of Aruba Instant and Aruba Mobility Controllers.

TEN Talks at Airheads: Digital Workplace fundamentals This is the highly anticipated session where your fellow mobility engineers have an opportunity to share best practices and the lessons they've learned from real-world enterprise deployments. Each presenter gets 10-15 minutes (including a brief Q&A) to discuss the topics they are most passionate about.


Anatomy of an AP: Dissect Aruba 320 series to get below the surface Access points can be complex! Let's get together to dissect an Aruba AP-325 to see how the hardware and all the different components make up an Aruba access point.


Overview of major Aruba switching features incl. Smart Rate for multi-gig portsTake a look at Aruba's switching OS and see its new features including an overview of Smart Rate multi-gigabit Ethernet, zero touch provisioning, role based secure access and more. 


Multi-vendor access network management with Aruba AirWaveTake a deep dive into AirWave. Learn how to configure AirWave to get optimal performance and troubleshoot wireless issues. Also find out about exciting new features coming in v.8.2 and hear the integrated wired and wireless story.


Enhanced Network Security, Visibility And Optimization with (SDN) -  This session provides an overview of HPE's Software Defined Networking (SDN) feature set and will review the benefits of following SDN apps for network operations and IT security teams: HPE Network Protector, HP Network Optimizer, and HP Visualizer. 


Take a walk on the wired side: Design fundamentals for Aruba switching in the campus - This session will provide a technical overview of campus switching, intended for wireless specialists who want to get to know the wired infrastructure components a bit better.