ATM16 Vegas

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Digital Workplace Services

Are you an experienced architect or engineer wanting to expand your knowledge of the digital workplace? Join us to learn how to seamlessly integrate latest generation of mobile apps and cloud services to your networking infrastructure.



Fast tracking network configuration with Aruba Solution Exchange configuration templates - Learn about Aruba Solution Exchange (ASE) and how its pre-defined configurations database can make things easier for your day to day network operations as you work with Aruba wireless LAN infrastructure and software solutions.  


TEN Talks at Airheads: Digital Workplace services -  This is the highly anticipated session where your fellow mobility engineers have an opportunity to share best practices and the lessons they've learned from real-world enterprise deployments. Each presenter gets 10-15 minutes (including a brief Q&A) to discuss the topics they are most passionate about.


Mobile device roaming behaviors and client troubleshooting best practices - Not all mobile devices are created equal and not all agree on the best ways to roam when connected to Wi-Fi networks. A recent poll of Wi-Fi experts agree 80% of Wi-Fi issues are client related. Wi-Fi clients are like humans. They all hear differently (receive sensitivity), speak at different levels (transmission power), and each have their own roaming behavior. In this session we will exam 802.11 AP-AP client roaming, triggers and mechanisms,  advance security roaming overhead and protocols OKC, PMK, and 802.11r/k/v. Join us to learn more about troubleshooting a wide range of device connectivity issues and client roaming problems in this session.


Connect and protect: Building a trust-based Internet of Things for business critical apps -  The Internet of Things can deliver smart spaces — intelligent meeting areas, location services, and real time monitoring are just a few applications that make the workplace more efficient and productive. When installed with care, the IoT infrastructure offers great business benefits and improved operations. Join us to learn why organizations are taking the next step in enabling smart buildings.


Extending mobility to remote networks with Aruba Instant, Remote APs, and Cloud Services Controllers -  Your mobile workforce needs simple, anytime access to corporate resources – whether they’re in branch offices, home offices, or on the road. Learn the differences between controller-managed or controllerless architectures, where they are best deployed, and figure out which one is right for you. And since you can't be everywhere all the time, we'll also cover zero-touch deployment for wireless and wired across thousands of locations.


Very high density (VHD) 802.11ac wireless network design and deployment basics -  This session will introduce the challenges and principles of designing high density WLANs. We'll present examples of VHD deployments in auditoriums or ballrooms, as the principles of deploying in these environments are applicable to any other high density coverage zone. Join us as we explore dimension and design for sites with adjacent auditoriums, best practices for estimating the number of user devices, and choosing between the three major RF coverage strategies.


Mobile experience management and network services health check with Aruba AirWave -  In a mobile-first environment, breadth and depth of visibility into users, clients, applications, RF and non-RF elements that impact user experience are a must. Learn how AirWave delivers powerful network health assurance with advanced monitoring capabilities to eliminate problems before they occur, and the intelligence to troubleshoot rapidly and get users back to business faster.


Software-Defined Networking (SDN) deep dive: 3rd-party ecosystem apps and the app store - Get an in-depth review of HPE's SDN applications and how best to take advantage of them to simplify network operations, increase network security and improve end user experience. 


Integrating unified communications and collaboration on an Aruba access network -  Instant chat, videoconferencing, voice calling, file transfer, desktop sharing, and web conferencing are all part of the latest set of unified communication and collaboration (UCC) tools, which can significantly reduce communication and collaboration costs. And your WLAN should understand all these different traffic flows, report on call quality, support high-definition data transfer for video, and more. Hear about best practices for app-level configuration and learn how to get your Aruba WLAN ready for Microsoft Skype for Business, and several other enterprise and commercial grade UCC apps.