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Product Demos

Are you new to Aruba's mobility solutions? Join us to see all our networking technology in action. Demos include mobile engagement, wireless network management, branch and remote network configuration, and more. 



LIVE DEMO: Mobile Engagement with Aruba Beacons and the Meridian Mobile App Platform -  Aruba Beacons, powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, are here! Learn how to deploy hundreds of Aruba Beacons and manage them centrally or via a mobile app. We'll also discuss how your business partners can take advantage of the Aruba Meridian platform to kick start their mobile engagement efforts and personalize their Wi-Fi experience using their own custom-branded mobile app and indoor location services.


LIVE DEMO: Configuring Aruba Mobility and Cloud Services Controllers -  A live look into the initial configuration of an Aruba Mobility Controller and critical features with the latest set of ArubaOS releases.


LIVE DEMO: Configuring Aruba Instant access points -  Aruba Instant is just that - instant. Watch this live demo and see how highly scalable the Instant product line can be, and how it can solve your enterprise WLAN needs.


LIVE DEMO: Multi-vendor network access policy management with Aruba ClearPass - ClearPass takes a fresh approach to solving today’s mobility challenges across any multivendor network by replacing outdated legacy AAA with context-aware policies. Come get an overview of the ClearPass Policy Manager, and each of the modules – Guest/Onboard/OnGuard. This includes a GUI tour that helps you understand our terminology, the structure of the interface, and how easily you can create new wireless and wired policies that map to business needs. We’ll also cover basic scaleability questions and how to adapt ClearPass to your evolving user, security, and business needs. 


LIVE DEMO: Multi-vendor network management with Aruba AirWave -  Practice makes perfect so be sure to explore everything that's new in Aruba AirWave. You'll gain a thorough understanding of all the configuration, monitoring and reporting features as well as working knowledge about new AirWave features like clustering, simplified licensing, application-level visibility, network health monitoring, mobile unified communication diagnostics, and lots more.


LIVE DEMO: Multi-vendor campus and data center networking management with HPE IMC - Watch a live demo of HPE's multi-vendor Intelligent Management Center (IMC) software for campus core network infrastructure and see first-hand how managing day-to-day operations for campus core network infrastructure is now easier than ever. 


LIVE DEMO: Wi-Fi analytics with Aruba Analytics Location Engine (ALE)  -  In this session, you'll learn how to use Aruba's Analytics and Location Engine (ALE) software to aggregate Wi-Fi analytics and how that data can help you improve your business intelligence around user / device presence in public venues and digital workplaces.


LIVE DEMO: Guest access and mobile device onboarding with Aruba ClearPass -  Learn more about Aruba ClearPass with hands-on demos. You'll get a better understanding of all the configuration, monitoring, and reporting options that are available to you. You'll also soak-up practical, working knowledge about integrating ClearPass with your multivendor wireless and wired access network as well as the SSO, MDM, WAN firewall, and other security infrastructures you have in place.


LIVE DEMO: Managing access networks with Aruba Central -  Join us to see a live demo of zero-touch provisioning of Aruba Instant access points, powered by Aruba Central. Learn more about the latest capabilities in cloud-managed Aruba wireless LANs, including secure guest access and web content filtering.


LIVE DEMO: HPE SDN applications -  Join us to see how you can enhance network security, optimization, and visibility with HPE SDN applications. You'll see first hand how HPE Network Protector gives zero-threat protection at the edge of the network and how HPE Network Optimizer delivers enhanced user experience for Skype for Business. We'll also demo troubleshooting with HPE Network Visualizer.

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