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802.11a transmit power: is this variable on Aruba APs?

Hello folks,
Can anyone out there deploying the Aruba solution post info regarding maximum transmit power available on 5Ghz channels on Aruba APs? The Cisco product line has a 5Ghz max TxP of 17dB, with their external antenna models restricted to 11dB on the low (36-48) and high (157-161) end of the UNI-II band channels. APs with captured antennas (6dB gain) are less restricted on these channels (15dB). This is somewhat frustrating, as it interferes with deploying a standardized transmit power on all 802.11a channels with the 1240, as well as with deploying Dynamic Channel Allocation without introducing black holes, and black hole mitigation, since some channels won't power up.
How does the Aruba OS deal with making transmit power changes relative to channel allocation? Do these processes interwork to achieve a new design, so every time a power-up occurs a new channel scheme is selected. Is it bounded somehow? And how are the changes made, all at once, or in some staggered fashion so as to allow/direct clients to an adjacent AP?
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