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AP-105 and power injector


I'm new to power injector devices. My switches are Cisco 2960 and they don't support POE. My access point are AP-105.

Do I need to buy cisco power injector or Aruba ?

And can you give me the model I need ?

Thank you !

POE injector for AP-105

Any 802.3af compliant POE midspan injector with GbE support will do. Aruba offers a single port model (PD-3501G-AC) if that's all you need. Microsemi offers a range of multi port models that we've verified to work.
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Re: AP-105 and power injector

thank you !
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Re: AP-105 and power injector

The Black Box LPJ001A-F worked fine for our deployment.

(Not an endorsement for the company or product, just providing information on what worked for us.)
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