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AP-105 vs AP-135

Hi all,

I'm trying to gather more information about why I would want to purchase the AP-135 over the AP-105. Can someone enlighten me about why the higher performance features would be worth the jump in price? Please keep in mind that these APs will be installed in a high school of approx. 2500 students in prep for a schoolwide iPad 2 roll-out.

Thanks in advance.

-David Weiser

AP-105 vs AP-135


The performance increase of the AP-135 will be leveraged by 3 Stream
802.11n capable devices. So... if you have those in your environment
you can expect up to a 50% improvement in performance.
If you don't (e.g. iPAD2) then you won't see the performance jump that
the AP-135 was designed for.

The AP-105 remains the mainstay/work-horse that I recommend for 99% of
deployments. That will change with more 3 stream devices coming to

I recently got a Dell laptop, and purposely asked how much it would be
to get 3 stream 802.11n on-board. The answer ? +$40 Canadian over
the default 2 stream configuration. Not bad on a $1,000 item.

Putting an AP-135 in high density areas were *some* 3 stream devices are
likely to be sooner than later (e.g. cafeteria, library, computer lab)
is a good practice, while keeping the rest of the deployment mainly
AP-105 based IMO.
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Re: AP-105 vs AP-135

Jason (or anyone else for that matter),

We deploy AP125s everywhere and in some high areas (mainly the Library) see a very high ratio of clients to AP.

Whilst most (all?) of these devices won't be capable of 3 streams (currently), would deploying the AP135s give any improvement for the client capacity?

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Re: AP-105 vs AP-135

Do the 125 and/or 135s work off the "instant" technology of the 105s?

Meaning, can you mix them in an environment WITHOUT a separate controller until you exceed 16 devices?
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Re: AP-105 vs AP-135

They do not. At this time, only specially ordered AP93s and AP105s have instant capability.

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