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AP-124 Mesh Point with internal coverage

Hi All,

Just wondering if anybody has had any success in deploying an AP-124 with diplexors in order to separate the Outdoor 5GHz Antenna (for mesh link) from the 2.4GHz Indoor Antenna (for local coverage).

I have a client who is planning on implementing such a setup and want to know what the implications are for things like MIMO and ARM configuration when attempting this.

Are there any issues with deploying this setup?

I would appreciate and feedback or experiences from anybody attempting similar setups.


Re: AP-124 Mesh Point with internal coverage

I don't have any first-hand, or indirect second-hand evidence, but in general what was relayed to me from some of our outdoor engineers was that this was not usually successful. However, it may depend on what your outdoor and indoor coverage metrics are. Typically it introduces a lot of loss, and also requires that the antennas be coupled properly. Usually this means alot of moving parts that aren't tracked well and results in poor performance. YMMV
Jerrod Howard
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Re: AP-124 Mesh Point with internal coverage

Like Jerrod, I haven't done this personally.

My concern would be with the loss introduced by the diplexors in splitting apart the 2.4 and 5GHz signals to discreet antennas. I don't anticipate a problem with ARM, but the loss from cabling and diplexors will most likely make using a different AP for this design more attractive.

Charlie Clemmer
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Re: AP-124 Mesh Point with internal coverage

thanks for your input guys. I currently have this up and running and it seems to be working ressonably well, just wanted to find out whether there are any fundamental design issues with this apart from the extra loss incurred in the cabling.
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