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AP-125 Antenna position - Open vs Closed


What, if any, is the dB "penalty" for keeping the three antennas in the *closed* position when wall mounting the AP-125? Will we lose significant coverage if we keep them closed?

We hope to mount these APs in the AP-120-MNT-WJ enclosures in a dorm setting but have concerns about the two top antennas being used as coat hooks, xmass light holders or otherwise being torn off during the semester.

The AP-125 Installation Guide depicts a wall mount with all antennas open.

The AP-120-MNT-WJ Installation Guide depicts the antennas both open and closed and has the following statements: "if the antennas are to be extended clear the access cutouts." and "extend the antennas as necessary." (page 6)

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Antennas closed vs. Open


The AP-120-MNT-WJ unit will accommodate the AP in both ceiling and wall-mounted with the antennas in the correct position, protected by the the walljack unit.

As an unwritten rule, APs mounted with antennas in the wrong position will more affect clients that have borderline coverage. This will become more exaggerated the more access points you have with antennas in the incorrect position. Since that people hanging coats on a protective wallbox is occasional and servicing clients is perpetual, you should probably err on the side of providing the best coverage for all your clients, especially when you have a measure of protection in place.

Once again, this is my personal opinion........

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