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AP 125 Auto Negotiate Problem

I have a fairly large deployment of about 400 APs mixed between AP 125 and AP 85. 95% of the APs are coming up fine and terminating to the appropriate local via vendor specific code on DHCP but I have six 125s that will not come up if the Cisco 3750 they are plugged into is set to Auto negotiate? If you set the ports to 100/Full the AP comes up "at 100/half" and terminates but the client throughput is terrible like 3-5Mbps TCP. If you set the Cisco port to Auto Auto then no link lights on the AP at all. Does anyone have any ideas on this or have seen this before?


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Re: AP 125 Auto Negotiate Problem


Spoke with Ricardo on this as well. See if you have a location where you can remove the injector, connect AP directly into the switch, and AC power the AP.

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Re: AP 125 Auto Negotiate Problem

The autonegotiate vs hard set issue is expected. The standard for autonegotiation says that if a device attempts autonegotiation on a 10/100 link and the other side doesnt negotiate (hard coded speed/duplex), then the side set for auto must go to half duplex.

Having said that, you should open a TAC case for this. I have seen this here and there. In one case, if the port was set to gigabit, the AP would come up fine. If the same port was set to auto/auto, the link would not come up.

Another work-around might be to enable the "debounce" feature on the ports that are having trouble and set the timer to ~3 seconds (3000ms). I have heard that may help as well.
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