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AP 125 Installation Guide

Does anyone have a link to the AP 125 Installation Guide?
In particular, I am looking for an LED Status chart like the AP 65 Installation Guide has that lists all of the LEDs, Colors, Activity, and Action.
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AP 125 Installation Guide

If you have a support login, go to, then click on Documentation >
Hardware > AP Installation Guides > AP-120 Series > AP-120 Series Indoor
Access Point Installation Guide.

Or, you can click on the following:

If you don't have a support login, you will need to get one and then go
that site.
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Re: AP 125 Installation Guide

Excellent, thank you.
Why the search engine on the site couldn't find it, I don't know but that was just what I needed.
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Re: AP 125 Installation Guide

Hello, the LED Meanings are:

Green Steady Power on device ready
Green flashing System initializing

Green/Amber off No link
Green on 1000 Mbps link
Amber on 10/100 Mbps link

Green/Amber off No Link
Green on 1000 Mbps link
Amber on 10/100 Mbps link
Green/amber blinking Data activity

Amber on Wireless link is legacy 11a.
Green on Wireless link is 11n 5Ghz band.

Amber Wireless link is legacy 11b or 11g.
Green Wireless link is 11n 2.4Ghz band.

Best Regards
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