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AP-125 temperauture info?


We are evaluating various enclosures for our residential deployment and have been shown a few "sealed" enclosures (no venting).

The question has arisen about heat buildup inside the boxes. To test this variable we ran an AP-125 inside one of the sealed enclosures for t he weekend. The AP appeared "cool".

We'd like to know if there is a way to pull the actual temperature of a connected AP?

We have a few applications where there are splash conditions (the monkey house and bus garage to name a few) and a sealed enclosure would be helpful there. For the res halls we could drill vent holes but want to know if this is absolutely necessary before drilling literally thousands of holes..

Thanks for all your help!
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Re: AP-125 temperauture info?

I don't believe the APs will report any environmental data. You can get environmentals from controllers tho with a: show inventory, but I don't think that'll be any help to you.

Re: AP-125 temperauture info?

Heat buildup in a non-vented enclosure depends on both the volume of the enclosure and the amount of power dissipated by the AP. Based on tests we've done where the AP was operating in worst-case conditions, the effects of this heat buildup can (for typical enclosures) be offset by reducing the maximum ambient operating temperature (temperature outside of the enclosure) to 40C (from 50C). If the ambient temperature does not exceed this, the AP will operate just fine in such an enclosure. The tests were done with Oberon 1055 and 1027 enclosures.
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Re: AP-125 temperauture info?

Thanks. This is all helpful. We were able to use a UPS temp sensor (dry contact) and stuff it in the enclosure with the AP-125. We used duct tape to seal the crack from the sensor wire.

We put the enclosure in a network closet, which is typically warmer than the adjacent rooms due to the switches (Cisco switches are, above all else, VERY good at heating a room!). We let it bake for about three days.

What we found was that the temp remained below 38 degrees Celsius, well within tolerances for the AP-125.

The AP was active but not in a production profile, so no clients, and it was only reportedly drawing 9.8 Watts on a POE+ midspan (expected it to draw more).

More tests would be need under heavy load but so far we are feeling good about using the sealed enclosures in the res halls.

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