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AP 175 console access???Factory Settings ????

we have 60 ap 175 and we need to configure them. we use aruba os on the controller. but after provisioning ap doesnt come to controller.

we tried to make a console connection from the usb port. but it requires cp2102 usb-uart driver. i couldnt find the proper driver from the internet. Does anyone know how to connect from the console ????
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Re: AP 175 console access???Factory Settings ????

This driver is available on the Aruba support site for download. It's under the Tools and Resources section. Called "USB Console Driver".
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Re: AP 175 console access???Factory Settings ????

Hey guys,

i found this Thread in here and i´ve got a (maybe a dumb) question for this.

We have a couple of AP175 with an OA4306GW (Aruba651) and the AP´s won´t come up. I see the lights flashing on the AP, but the Controller didn´t found the AP. I even can´t connect to the AP´s (driver is installed, maybe wrong cable? which one is needed? --> Straight USB oder Linkcable? )

So what can I do to bring up the APs? Release on Controller is AOW

I hope you can help me...

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Re: AP 175 console access???Factory Settings ????

What is providing DHCP to that AP? Can you see it getting an address?

Can you do a "show datapath session table " on the commandline and see if that AP is sending traffic to the controller?

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Re: AP 175 console access???Factory Settings ????

Thx for the answer, it was a mistake of my own in the configuration... It´s Access not Trunk :rolleyes: ;)

But there´s another issue...

Are there known problems with the AP-175P and the AP-ANT-80?
I can provision and configure but there is no radio (only -85dbm and more).
With an AP65 on the same controller, it works fine...

AP-80 on AP-175

Using a set on MIMO antennas is recommended (equivalent would be ANT-2x2-2005), but a pair of AP-ANt-80 SISO antennas should work reasonably well.
Did you connect an AP-ANT-80 antenna to each Radio 1 interface (R1-1 and R1-2)?
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Re: AP 175 console access???Factory Settings ????

I only have 1 antenna on each Access Port. Plugged in on Port R1-1 (also tested on R1-2). Is it neccessary to have 2 Antennas plugged in?
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