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AP 61 user reports droped and slow connection

Sorry if this is not the right location to post this.

We have several schools that use wireless netbook carts as there lab. In these carts we have installed an AP61 that connects back to our 6000 series controller via a 10 mbps mpls link. The netbooks are used for basic web activites such as research and online testing.

One of our buildings is reporting slow connections and droped connections with there carts. Often I hear about the problem days or weeks from when it occured the frew times I do monitor I can see there AP and devices online with no problem at least from the controller standpoint. The cart is in the classroom with the students (about 27 students) with the AP. Again we have this same sollution in use in 7 other buildings with no problems reported.

Does any one have any sugestions on how to monitor for this? Idealy I want to be able to set a traps to see if the AP's reboot or the clients. The carts are moved through out the building daily but as it is a small building the AP is always in the same subnet.

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