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AP-65 not being seen by Controller

Change the switch my APs were plugged into and I accidentally put it in a non-POE switch. I figured this out whe I went into the controller and seen that I had 4 APs down. So I went back and plugged them back into the right switch with POE and they never came out of the down state. So I went into Monitoring - Network Summary - Clicked the link of the total number of down APs - then selected the clear button at the end of each line. Now I can't get the APs to reappear in the controller configured or unconfigured. I unplugged the APs for about 30 minutes to see if that reset them but that didn't work either. Also, they don't seem to be getting an IP address now as well.

Any thought?

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IP Addres


When you plug in a regular laptop, does it get an IP address in that new switch?

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Re: AP-65 not being seen by Controller

Yes they work fine.
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Re: AP-65 not being seen by Controller

I'm assuming your using a serial Y cable to check if they are getting an IP address, while you're in there you could try purging the AP by breaking the boot sequence. You'll see a very short countdown when you need to hit a key. You'll then land at a prompt where you can issue commands:


You could also issue printenv if you want to see what's set on the AP.

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