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AP 70's in FIPS 3.3.1X code

We are having an issue with large numbers of ap 70's not finding Master controller in FIPS code. We have all AP's in same vlan as controller, ADP is running and we do have the DNS entry of aruba-master pointed to Master Loopback address. What is odd is some AP's find the Master and come online, some in same vlan and same switch won't. There are NO ACL's on switches between AP and master. We took an AP that found the Master and moved it to Port of one that didn't come up. The "good" AP came up there, so it Isn't an ACL issue. We have tried new cables. We have purged the AP and still no luck. Some just won't come up no matter what we do- and are going to try Option 43 as last resort. Any other ideas? The good AP's find master almost immediately after pulling IP addresses. This was a 2.4.x code upgrade, and all AP's were up after upgrade in Jan, but many are down now. They are continually rebooting since the master is In the SOE console. I would assume it is possible that some are corrupted, but the numbers we are seeing, I doubt that is the case. Ideas? Has anyone else seen this issue?
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Re: AP 70's in FIPS 3.3.1X code

A couple things:

What version of 2.4.8.x-FIPS were you running before you upgraded to 3.3.x, and what upgrade steps did you go through (original version to intermediary version to 3.3.x)?

Also, is there a particular reason you haven't moved up to 3.3.2?

Finally, the APs when you look at the SPOE console as they boot up, you actually see the master returned as Opt 43 should help, or a DNS A-record to point aruba-master to the controller IP (or the LMS-IP you want them pointed at). will get spoit out if it never discovers a controller. Are we sure also that none of the APs have static environment variables set within the APBoot? you can verify on the working and non-working by comparing the output from the SPOE console with the command 'print env'.

you can email me at jhoward -at- arubanetworks -dot-com, I'm one of the Federal SEs, and would be happy to help if you would prefer to unicast. I will be traveling for the next few hours, but email can find me anywhere ;)

Jerrod Howard
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