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AP-85 Outdoor - Clients no longer connecting to wireless network


I have a problem that started only a few days ago and I'm not sure what might be the cause.

When I look at the clients that are connecting to a group, I see that they are only connecting to Access Points and not the repeaters.

Basically no one sees the wireless network and thus no one can connect to it.

The mesh network seems to be up and running, I can ping all of the access points on the a band. None of these are wired.

I did a quick check of the area and I only see 2 BSSID and they are from the access points, one being an AP-85 and the other an AP-125.

I did not have any problems but we did get a bit of a sand storm and some moderate winds. I'm in the process of checking/rebuilding these AP's but so far no real luck.

Has anyone seen something like this happen. For the time being I am enabling clients to connect to the a band so that there is some kind of wireless network there. But I can't have that for too long as the a band is my mesh network.

Here's an output of show ap active in this area

DYR-MAIN-WLC00) #show ap active | include LSA3
DYR-LSA3-MP00 DYR-LSA3-VLAN130 0 AP:7/27/31 0 MPP+AP:153/12/27.5 85 MN 11h:20m:7s N/A
DYR-LSA3-AP00 DYR-LSA3-VLAN130 47 AP:1/30/31 0 AP:165/27/27.5 85 N 8d:17h:57m:26s N/A
DYR-LSA3-REP00 DYR-LSA3-VLAN130 0 AP:6/27/31 1 MP+AP:153/15/27.5 85 EMN 11h:20m:6s N/A
DYR-LSA3-REP01 DYR-LSA3-VLAN130 0 AP:10/27/31 0 MP+AP:153/15/27.5 85 EMN 11h:20m:6s N/A
DYR-LSA3-REP02 DYR-LSA3-VLAN130 0 AP:10/30/31 2 MP+AP:153/15/27.5 85 EMN 11h:20m:6s N/A
DYR-LSA3-REP03 DYR-LSA3-VLAN130 0 AP:11/30/31 0 MP+AP:153/15/27.5 85 EMN 10h:32m:35s N/A
DYR-LSA3-REP04 DYR-LSA3-VLAN130 0 AP:11/27/31 0 MP+AP:153/15/27.5 85 EMN 11h:20m:6s N/A
DYR-LSA3-REP05 DYR-LSA3-VLAN130 0 AP:11/27/31 3 MP+AP:153/15/27.5 85 EMN 11h:20m:6s N/A
DYR-LSA3-REP06 DYR-LSA3-VLAN130 0 AP:8/30/31 0 MP+AP:153/15/27.5 85 EMN 8h:21m:49s N/A
DYR-LSA3-REP07 DYR-LSA3-VLAN130 0 AP:2/30/31 3 MP+AP:153/15/27.5 85 EMN 10h:53m:17s N/A
DYR-LSA3-AP01 DYR-LSA3-VLAN130 26 AP:9/20.5/20.5 0 AP:48/20/21 125 EN 8d:17h:49m:53s N/A

Please ask any questions you need in order to get the information that might help me resolve this problem. I thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

New Contributor

Re: AP-85 Outdoor - Clients no longer connecting to wireless network

So I replaced one of the repeaters with a brand new AP-85. I am seeing clients connecting to it.
(DYR-MAIN-WLC00) #show ap active | include LSA3-REP05
DYR-LSA3-REP05 DYR-LSA3-VLAN130 21 AP:9/15/31 1 MP+AP:161/15/27.5 85 EMN 28m:20s N/A

May not be obvious without the header, but I have "21" clients connected to this AP now.

Seems odd that 8 of my AP-85 would loose their RADIO on the same day?

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