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AP-85 provisioning with multiple antennas

The AP-85 (AP-85 TX) has 4 physical antenna interfaces:

Radio 0/Antenna 1 (2.4Ghz)
Radio 0/Antenna 2 (2.4Ghz)
Radio 1/Antenna 1 (5Ghz)
Radio 1/Antenna 1 (5Ghz)

When I go to provision the AP, I am given the following options:

5 Ghz Antenna
Both (recommended)
Antenna 1
Antenna 2

2.4 Ghz Antenna
Both (recommended)
Antenna 1
Antenna 2

I'm assuming that choosing "Both" under, say, 2.4Ghz implies Radio0/Antenna 1 and and Radio 0/Antenna 2, right?

If I have an AP that only has 2 2.4Ghz antennas, what should I choose for the 5Ghz option? There is no "None" option. Also, what dBi level would be appropriate? Aruba is giving me 3dBi for the 5Ghz interfaces with no external antennas and that seems a little strong.
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Re: AP-85 provisioning with multiple antennas

I'll give you my guess, but it might not be the same answer you'll get from Aruba...

If you're not using the 5.8 GHz portion, just leave it as is - that is, don't connect any antenna, and leave the settings alone.

I've done this on many AP-80s without any problem. I'm not sure what the maximum VSWR is for the AP80/AP85, but most radios will accept an open antenna port without any problems.

Didn't use to be that way in the "old days", but I'd be surprised if Aruba thought that was an issue for the radio to handle.

But, as I always say, I could be wrong.....
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Re: AP-85 provisioning with multiple antennas

If you are planning to use only the 2.4Ghz radio, you can disable the 5Ghz in the radio profile.

rf dot11a-radio-profile <5_radio>
no radio-enable

** Best Practice: don't modify the "default" radio profile. It may be used in another ap-group.
** Make sure to reference the correct radio profile in the ap-group setting if you are creating a new profile.
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