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AP Power Down

Does anybody know if it is possible to have the AP's in a building automatically drop there power down at night and then power back up in the morning.

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Re: AP Power Down


There have been lots of discussions about this. Right now, the only way (that I know of) to do this is to write a script to turn off PoE on the Ethernet switch ports (assuming you are using PoE and not injectors) and the turn it back on in the morning. With ArubaOS, we can disable the SSID on the radios, but that doesn't really do what you asked.

If you want to lower the power and not power them completely off, you can write a script that sets the maximum power on the APs to level 3 at night, if that would help. Then another script could reset the max power to 127 (the default in 3.4 and up code). You would want to do that at least 30 minutes before you had users so that the APs have time to let ARM adjust to the right power levels.
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Re: AP Power Down

Cool, thanks for the quick response. I might play with the scripts.
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