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AP reboot/upgrade loop


i attached an older RAP-65 to my controller which is now running 6.1.2. The AP upgraded to but is now stuck in some kind of upgrade loop.

On the controller the AP status oscillates in 'Upgrading...', 'Rebooting'. On the AP itself i see it booting always saying 'AP rebooted Fri Dec 31 16:03:55 PST 1999; SAPD: Reboot after image upgrade'. I already tried the 'purge/save/reset' procedure but this has no effect.

Is there now any way to get the AP back? Can i reimage via AP boot image/TFTP? Hardware reset?

Thanks for any hints,
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Re: AP reboot/upgrade loop

Try this at the apboot> prompt:

flash erase 0xbfc80000 0xbfc8ffff

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Re: AP reboot/upgrade loop

ok, this was the most voodoo i ever did. :cool:

but i worked! thank you.
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