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AP105 Problems

New user, so please forgive any blindingly obvious mistakes.

I've just purchased two 3400 controllers with licensing for 32 APs, additional licensing for 16 more APs (which I haven't installed yet) and 35 AP105 access points.

We received our hardware yesterday.

I ran through the initial setup wizards on the first 3400 controller. I plugged in an AP105. It didn't work.

The AP105 is plugged into a PoE power injector, which is in turn plugged into port 2 on the 3400. The AP105 picks up an address from DHCP just fine... It can resolve aruba-master to the correct IP address... It appears to be trying to download a file from aruba-master with TFTP... And that's where things fall apart.

The AP105 appears to be trying to download "mips32.ari", and that file does not appear to exist.

I took a look at these forums and found a post that seems to suggest that I should be running ArubaOS 3.3.3 or newer in order to support the AP105. Is this correct?

My 3400 is only running

Assuming I'm able to upgrade to a newer version of the OS, will this fix my problem? Or is my particular problem indicative of some other issue?

Is there any reason I shouldn't upgrade to the absolute newest version of the OS?

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You should upgrade to ArubaOS 5.0, because the AP105 is supported by that version of code (your version of code does not support the AP105). Since this is a new install, you do not have to go through any changes, so ArubaOS 5.0 is the one you should upgrade to.

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Re: AP105 Problems

3.4.x supports the AP105, upgrade to that and you will be ok.
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Re: AP105 Problems

Thanks for the replies.

I initially upgraded to 3.4, which did support the AP-105's, but I then ran into problems getting it to talk to my IAS server. May not have been anything wrong with the software, could simply have been user error, but it wasn't happy.

I then upgraded to 5.0 and everything works great. The AP-105's are happy and the WLAN wizard got me talking to my IAS server just fine.

As soon as our PoE switches show up I'll be rolling these out site-wide.

Thanks for all the help.
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