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AP105 gets DHCP but not seen in the controller

We are rolling out our AP105 worldwide. I have one in our Canada office which is connected properly but is not found in the master controller.

The AP was set to default settings. The network admin did a show arp on the switch and sees the device and game me the dhcp address. I am also able to ping it.

Is there any way of finding out what is going on with the device beside using a console cable? Everytime I run into an issue I have to deal with finding a user to plug into a console cable and then seeing if I can get remote access to the PC, and then install putty or teraterm.

Re: AP105 gets DHCP but not seen in the controller

Sure, you could do a standard port mirror/span and learn what traffic the AP-105 in question is putting out/receiving.

Use that info and compare with a known-good AP-105 and you will see what is different and/or missing.

That way you don't need local hands/feet/nor console cable.
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Re: AP105 gets DHCP but not seen in the controller

What method are you using to discover the controller? DNS? ADP? DHCP Option?

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Re: AP105 gets DHCP but not seen in the controller

Well out of the box it uses ADP with the device using DHCP. I had to manually set the controllers IP on the device so it would be seen in the controller. That was a pain because I had to find somone at the location to get it, install the console cable and then get remote access to their machine.

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Re: AP105 gets DHCP but not seen in the controller

Do you have the A-record of "aruba-master" pointing to your controller? If you do not, the only way that the AP will see the controller is if you have a DHCP option set, or the AP is in the same subnet as the controller.

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