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AP105 in Dual 2.4Ghz Operation?

Is it possible to configure both radios in an AP105 to operate on different 2.4Ghz channels?
I've encountered an environment where there is a concentration of 2.4Ghz only clients that don't move around much. I am interested if it is possible to switch the 5Ghz radio in a 105 over to 2.4Ghz so it can aid in servicing these clients?

The system in question is currently running but will likely move up to 6.1.x.x in the near future.

Re: AP105 in Dual 2.4Ghz Operation?

This is not supported in ArubaOS. The interference due to RF coupling between the two radios would have significant negative impact on performance
Aruba Employee

Re: AP105 in Dual 2.4Ghz Operation?

Sorry Brandon, that is not possible.
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