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AP105 or AP125?

Hello guys!

Would you suggest an AP105 or AP125? AP105 seems like to be an economic version of AP125. Anyone turn AP105 to N radio? and what's your performance with this AP105?

Thank you!
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Re: AP105 or AP125?

Since nobody answered:

The AP105 is newer silicon and is a 2x2 instead of a 2x3 access point.
The AP105 is also $695 list and the speed difference between connecting to an AP105 and an AP125 is imperceptible in most cases.
What you need to be concerned about with the AP105 is the antenna pattern. It is designed to be mounted on a ceiling, because the pattern does not put much RF behind the access point. If you mount it on a wall, plan carefully to make sure that there will be few to no clients that will need coverage behind it. Besides that, it is certainly up to the job and thousands have been deployed to customers over time.

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Re: AP105 or AP125?

We have been buying a few AP-105, and they have the rebate until the end of July (

We haven't started working them on N yet - but we are hoping to soon. We went with the 105's for the reasons listed, we have a fairly dense network and mount all of the APs on the ceiling. So with those factors we don't think we need the 125s.

Good luck!
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