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Just a suggestion for those wanting to go the new 105's as opposed to spending for the 125's. Half the price. Primary difference is 1 gig-e port and no foldout antennae. We've deployed a handful and they work great.
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Re: AP105's

Unfortunately, it's not quite that easy since you have to commit to upgrading your entire infrastructure to 3.3.3.x or 3.4.1.x to support the 105s.
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ArubaOS 3.3.3 is ArubaOS 3.3.2.x with support for the AP105 rolled into it. It is for users who want to maintain the same look/feel and featureset of 3.3.2.x with just additional support for the AP105. ArubaOS 3.4.1 adds all the new features of the 3.4.x code train in addition to support for the 105.

As with most other technology, support for new hardware requires new software. Aruba gives users the option to add hardware support conservatively (3.3.3) or features + hardware support (3.4.1).

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