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AP60 POE functionality

We have a few AP60's and AP65's in our branch offices that we'd like to set up using POE. These branch offices have either have HP ProCurve or Adtran switches, both of which support POE.

Is a local Aruba controller required for POE to work on the branch office AP60's or is there no relation?

The AP's work fine over POE at our Headquarters where the master Aruba controller is located. The remote AP's work fine too when powered by a power adapter. The remote AP's don't work when plugged in using just an ethernet cable for POE. The WLAN light never comes up. Please advise.
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Re: AP60 POE functionality


The Aruba AP requires connectivity to the controller. L3 connectivity is required from the remote office to the controller. Also, you will need DHCP at the remote office and possibly DNS or DHCP option 43 to locate the controller.