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AP65 Ceiling height limitations

Hello all.
Apologise I am new to this forum but have a very quick quesiton which I couldnt see an easy answer to anywhere.
I am designing a solution to install aruba wireless into a small warehouse type building.
The ceiling height is 7m, if I propose AP65's mounted on the roof beams (there is no pillars in this building) will these be adequit to provide coverage if the antennea is turned to point down or should I be considering wall mounting and directing the antennae out towards the floor. There is some cageing and storage units around the walls which will be no higher that 3m - this will mena that any wall mounting will have to be greater than 3M high. Whats the thoughts?
I should also add that I am new to wireless and Aruba!! Thanks.
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Re: AP65 Ceiling height limitations

I would say that the AP65 antenna pattern expects that access point to be mounted no more than 12 to 15 feet above the clients it is serving, if even that much. If you use an AP105, you can go up to 30 feet, due to the internal downtilt pattern.

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Re: AP65 Ceiling height limitations

thanks for this.!
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