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AP65 Failback not working


I'm working on a deployment of an Aruba WLAN involving 3x Aruba 3400 controllers and around 130 AP 65s and would like some help with a specific problem i'm having.

The APs are not failing back to their primary LMS (after failover to backup LMS) even though they are set to do so (preemption enabled) and the primary LMS is up and available. If i reboot an AP it will connect back to the primary LMS fine but it doesnt failback auto.

In the manual it refers to the APs sending out a probe to the primary LMS default every 600 secs but it does not go into detail about the "probe". Can anyone explain in detail how this process funtions to help me to troubleshoot please?



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Re: AP65 Failback not working

Please see here:

Please also see the other related articles that come up on preemption, to ensure it is configured properly.

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Re: AP65 Failback not working

Thanks for the response.

For some reason the hold-down period on the controllers here is 60 secs and not the default 600. I'm going to change it and see if that fixes it.
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