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AP93 - Poor performance - 7 10meters from the unit please advise / and a CLI question

Site environment: hospital – the AP93 also giving service to Aeroscout tags.


I would like to get some technical tips & advises regarding improvement of current performance, I did 20 minutes of tests with IPERF to a lan server ,And I didn’t got more than 30mbps..and sometimes even less – those are really poor performance for 802.11n (2.4gHz) –( I tested with ARM , with out ARM , with 20Mhz and with out….)

And another issue – I noticed with Chananalyzer and IPERF that I'm getting drops & a kind of network pause a lot during the work & test.
Please see the following screenshots: (all the test were made near the AP (not more the 7-10meters from the AP)

• Please advise how to increase the performance and throughput (by tweaking the ARM settings and more?). how to stop the networks cuts?!

• Is there any reason that the data dropping to zero? ( I tested it on more the one laptop)

Please assit me as soon as you can –
I really need some technical tips/tweaks that I will be able to apply to achieve greater throughput.

My 2nd question:
What is the right cli command to see client history (to which AP, he was connected and how and what happened with specific client) again on CLI … not GUI


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Re: AP93 - Poor performance - 7 10meters from the unit please advise / and a CLI question

Any chance you're using TKIP or WEP? You'll only get true 11n speeds with AES or open networks. It sounds like that's what you're running into, but I don't see anything on your encryption method. The 11n standard doesn't allow for TKIP or WEP to reach full speed.

Not sure about iPerf, I don't use it that much, but your mobility trail command is:
show ip mobile trail

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