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Re: APs Rebooting (SAPD: Unable to contact switch)

the show log network command would show if a link on the controller went up or down.

I'm going to ask you to open a case, because there are plenty more logs where this can be narrowed down more quickly than me guessing here. It would seem that you have some sort of connectivity issue that is between the access points and the Aruba controller, that comes and goes periodically. Looking at all the logs would give a better indication at what is happening.

Thanks - I'll go ahead and open a case, mention this thread to give them a start on logs and then go from there. (I'll try to remember to mention back here what we found.)
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Re: APs Rebooting (SAPD: Unable to contact switch)


I had this case several months ago. If your switch setting ok ( see the duplex ), but still have issue, try to check the physical cable connectivity. Last time i had some cable issue, so the ap rebootstrap oftenly

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Beacon Regulate

Well after working with support on this for a while it appears we've determined the source of the problem is the beacon regulate setting. I had turned that on since I have a few places where I have a number of APs sharing channels in a reasonably small space. Turning that option back off caused my APs to stop bootstrapping and they've been stable since. Given that setting isn't critical in my environment, I've turned it back off. I'm continuing to work with support/engineering to actually get the root cause fixed.

(On a related note when I was running I was seeing these symptoms on both AP105s and AP65s. When I upgraded to the issue went away on the AP105s and remained on just the AP65s.)
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