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APs are not Acking configuration

Hey guys,

I have a customer who has two APs that are remotely deployed (not RAPs), their LMS is located in the US and the APs are in Italy. The APs can reach the controller through a VPN link but as I could see in the show ap debug counters output, the APs are not acking the configurations sent from the controller.

I asked the customer to check that all the ports are open between controller and APs, mainly GRE and PAPI. However, could this happen because high latency?



Re: APs are not Acking configuration

Depending on the APs deployed, can they console in to it and capture the log output while it tries to connect? Does the controller reflect any issues in the logs?

Latency could be a cause, and someone can ping from the AP's CLI to the master and see what kind of latency in the ping round trips.
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