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Alcatel vs Aruba APs

We have an Alcatel controller. It was put in place before I got to this job. We currently use AP65 APs. I would like to move to AP105 APs. We were unable to get the Alcatel AP105 so I ordered an Aruba one and it works great. It was also quite a bit cheaper. Does anyone out there now if there is any difference in the two? I finally got the Alcatel ones and there does not appear to be any difference at all other than a sticker on the front. I use this site for help on my Alcatel controller and have found no difference in anything other than the stickers.

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They are mechanically the same.

Where you will run into trouble is support. You will have to call Alcatel for trouble with Alcatel parts and Aruba for Aruba parts. I have seen a number of people do this and while technically possible, when there are issues, support will not help you troubleshoot parts connected to parts from another manufacturer.

Watch out.

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Re: Alcatel vs Aruba APs

Thanks for the input. The cost saving is in the 10's of thousands. It is a tough decision.

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