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Ap-125 & poe, poe+

Hello Everyone,

If the AP-125 access point powers up just fine operating in A/G mode when powered by a POE-capable switch delivering 15.4 watts, under what conditions would it be preferable to have a switch that delivers power at POE+ levels?

The datasheet indicated that the AP125 will power up under either standard, yet the product matrix stated that the maximum power consumption for the device is 16 watts.

When would the access point be operating to require that much power?

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Ap-125 & poe, poe+

A few conditions come to mind:

1) If you want to utilize the 2nd Ethernet port on the AP-125
(rare...but happens). Then you need more power than 802.3af can provide
due to the extra power to run the 2nd port.

2) If you have a really long cable run (say 300feet). Then you would
need more power sourced than can provide due to cable loss.
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Thanks for that bit of information. My next question is this:

Is POE+ a requirement when operating the AP-125 in N mode, or can it be done using just a POE-based switch?


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Re: Ap-125 & poe, poe+

PoE+ is not a requirement for the AP-125 doing any 802.11n. Usually the AP runs in 3x3 2 spatial stream mode. If there is below (I think 14.8W) the threshold for power, then one of the TRANSMIT streams is turned off...but it is still full 2 spatial stream. It just becomes 2x3:2ss.

If you get into this state, users probably wouldn't even notice since it's still 2 spatial stream...
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Re: Ap-125 & poe, poe+

one of the transmit antennas will not be used, not a stream... two streams will be up.

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