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How do I install an antenna AP-ANT-2 in AP70. The AP70 is controlled by an OAW-4324 AOS-W Version


The AP-ANT-2 is a 2.4 GHz only antenna.

That means you would require two of them per AP-70 for best (diversity enabled) performance.

They would plug into the ports on the AP-70 labelled: B/G 1 and B/G 2
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Re: Ap-ant-2

O.K. I have 2 AP-ANT-2.
No I have to do anything to the controller or the AP?
Simply plug in the antenna and work.?

A greeting.

Provision the AP-70 to use External Antennas


To have the AP-70 use the external antenna ports, you need to specify this during provisioning.

This can be done on the WEBUI under:

Configuration/AP Installation/Select the AP-70/Provision/Antenna Parameters

Under Antenna Parameters you will see options for internal/included antenna and externa antennas. Select the latter and then you willl see a dialogue for the GAIN of the antennas in dB.

Once you have the gain parameters plugged in you can save these to the AP-70 with the button Apply and Reboot at the bottom of the provisioning screen.

The AP-70 should reboot and start using the antennas.
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Re: Ap-ant-2

thank you very much

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