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Aruba 105 Hot...

This could be normal operation as one wouldn't generally have the AP in from of them, but I have a 105 in my office for testing purposes powered by a Black Box PoE gigabit injector and the unit is extremely hot.


It's hardly under any load at all. Normal?

Aruba 105 Hot...

It's typical to be warm, yes, however ;) By Warm I mean the temperature the outside of a coffee mug might get to after boiling water has been put into it, left for say 1 minute and then thrown out. You will agree, hardly hot...

I have several AP-105s on short runs, including some on power injectors... should not matter... the AP-105 will want to draw < 13Watts in these scenarios, which should not heat it to a point where its 'extremely hot'.
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Re: Aruba 105 Hot...

Ha! Great analogy to the coffee! Yes, the temp is comparable to a freshly poured cup of coffee into a mug. Seems normal then to you, huh?

I just always run on a "cooler the better" mentality, so was surprised at it being so warm (I guess not hot).

So appreciate the response!
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