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Aruba AP's or ?

I am in search of an Aruba access point or an Aruba compatible access point that can cover large indoor areas. Does anyone have suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Aruba AP's or ?

I use 125's to cover Gyms and Auditoriums... but the number of how many depends on how large the area is, what type of furniture/equipment, and how many people.

The general rule is 120' radius coverage in a open unrestricted area per AP.
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Access Points

Thanks Worlisman!

I am also using 125's in our gyms, library, and other open areas. Keeping the 120' radius in mind, most of the AP installs are on the perimeter walls covering a lot of dead air. I'm trying to get data installed in the middle of these areas, but marginally successful due to cost. Do you know of any Aruba compatible AP's that have stronger RF signal and can cover large areas with mainly one AP?

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Re: Aruba AP's or ?

Technically, all APs are limited on just how much power they can broadcast their RF (30 dbl) on, so no matter what AP you purchase it is suppose to broadcast under that limit.

The other way to extend RF coverage without breaking the law is by using directional antennas.

By using directional antennas, you will direct the RF back into the occupied space and not into unoccupied ones, you are effectively extending your coverage in that space.

So by using the directional antennas you can "ALMOST" double the 120' coverage into that space.
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Re: Aruba AP's or ?

ap 60,61,65,70 & 125's all output 100mw of power.
As the post above states you can use different antennas. Might also try using an AP85 the output is 200mw this will double the power but not double the radius of coverage.
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Aruba AP's or ?

While increasing transmit power can increase the downstream range (to
the client), remember to be cognizant of the end-device that the AP is
connecting with and it's transmit power. End-devices are also Tx power
limited, and typically at lower levels, as a mechanism to conserve
battery life.

If the AP can transmit much stronger than the end-device you can end up
in a situation with asymmetric connectivity. (e.g. Things are good from
AP-to-client, however "not-so-good" from client back-to-AP as the client
doesn't have enough transmit power to talk back).

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Re: Aruba AP's or ?

I just installed two AP-70s each with dual AP-ANT-14s in an aircraft hangar with 45' ceilings. I walked out about 150' from the APs onto the tarmac and still had a nice signal. The hangar doors were open, so, the environment could almost be considered "open." For some silly reason, staff stopped me before I could get all the way out to the runway though! :-)
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Re: Aruba AP's or ?

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