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Aruba AP105 Network Access


We have an Aruba 650 with around 9 AP105. Recently users have started complaining about frequent connection drops. Mainly the issue exists while trying to access network drives or resources which are on the local LAN. The wireless network remains connected while facing this issue. The network card used by the laptops are Intel 1000 BGN and Intel 5300. Can some one point me in the right direction? Interestingly, we also have another setup with AP60's which don't have this issue.

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Re: Aruba AP105 Network Access

What version of ArubaOS?
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Re: Aruba AP105 Network Access

Aruba 650 OS: and Aruba with AP60:
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Re: Aruba AP105 Network Access

How many users do you have on that WLAN? And what is the client mix?

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Re: Aruba AP105 Network Access

Thanks for the AOS versions.

While I am not a big fan of jumping code releases on a whim, the code versions you are mentioning have seen a lot of improvements in the current versions.

The 3.4 release for instance has seen 4 major releases (3.4.5.x) since the code you are running. Its worth remove any code anomolies from the (overall) equation.
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Re: Aruba AP105 Network Access

Thanks Jason. Unfortunately we won't be able to upgrade the firmware. Is there any other settings we need to look at?
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Re: Aruba AP105 Network Access

There is are around 20 clients at any given time and its a mix of n and g clients most of them being n clients.

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