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Bandwidth Limitations

Want to limit the bandwidth (1mbps) to one of the RAP5's in a branch office. Do I create a system role to do so?
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Re: Bandwidth Limitations

Do you need to limit bw TO the RAP? Does it mean limiting bw to all of the users connected to the RAP? If that is the case, just create a bw limited role and assign all of the users which are connected to that RAP to the new role... Beyond this, I'm not sure if there is a system role for the RAP device itself to rate-limit the downstream traffic... There is a RAP feature called "uplink bw reservation" tough, however it isn't the thing you're looking for as the name implies..
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Re: Bandwidth Limitations

yes, I want to limit bw to all of the users connected to the RAP. Do I assign it to the AP group associated with that AP?
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Re: Bandwidth Limitations

The user's role will dictate how much bandwidth that the user can pass. If your users that authenticate get the "authenticated" role, for example, go to Configuration> Security> Access Control> Edit the "authenticated" role. Halfway down the page, there will be a bandwidth contract parameter. There you can set the upstream and downstream bandwidth for that class of user.

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Re: Bandwidth Limitations

How many SSIDs are there? If it's possible try creating new user roles which should be bw limited..

For example; assuming your network consists of two SSIDs, marketing and engineering... Create marketing2 and engineering2 user roles with the same ACLs and put BW limit to the newer ones... Then use "user based role assignment" and say "if a user comes from xxxx access point, assign it to the new role.."

Normally, if a user is from engineering dept he will be assigned to the engineering role but if he is connecting from RAP device he will be assigned to the engineering2 role which is bw limited. Does this makes sense?

Yes, I know that, here we are not limiting total bw of the RAP, we are limiting bw of the roles but this solution is the closest one : )
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