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CA-SPOE-3 & AP-65 CLI config

I seem to be having an issue trying to connect to this AP-65 using the SPOE cable in hypertrm.
I am able to see the AP boot up and attempt to run BootP as normal. What I am trying to do is connect to the AP and enter a manual config mode. I have the option to hit enter to stop the autoboot. When I press enter hyperterminal appears to stop responding and I cannot do anything unless I disconnect power to the AP.

I should mention I am using an AP-65 with the power (wall wart).

We are trying to config this AP to work at an off-site to our facility and assign it an IP out at this off site without having to auto config it here at our main campus.

Baud Rate is 9600 8 n 1.
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Nevermind -- found it

Flow Controll should have been set to off.
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