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Can AP124 use 2 antennas instead of 3?

Hi all,

Can AP124 use 2 antennas instead of 3?
Is there a Aruba documentation stating the is it advisable to use 3 antennas instead of 2?


Using less than 3 antennas on AP-124

If optimized coverage and rate-vs-range performance are not critical, you may opt to use only 2 antennas, but there are some things to remember:
- You want to make sure that the 2 antennas are connected to radio chains 0 and 1 to make sure that (2 spatial stream) MIMO is still operational. The third chain only adds robustness and more uniform coverage, but does not increase the max throughput.
- The third radio chain corresponds with a different antenna connector for 2.4GHz and 5GHz. If support for both bands and max 2 stream MIMO rates are both needed, you will need 3 antennas. If dual band support is not needed, you can get away with using only two antennas and still get the max 2 stream datarate (300Mbps).
- For 2.4GHz, the third chain corresponds with the bottom-left antenna connector (looking at the front of the AP, Ethernet connectors facing down). For 5GHz, it's the top-left connector.
- If you want to support both bands, but can do without the 2 stream MIMO rates, you could connect antennas to radio chain 0 only. This corresponds to antenna connector top-left (2.4GHz) and top-right (5GHz). You should disable all MIMO rates (MCS8-15) in this case. This basically gives you two single stream 11n radios with each their own (single) antenna. Not a good use of this AP IMO, but a valid option.
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Re: Can AP124 use 2 antennas instead of 3?

Thanks oharms!
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