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Capcity of access point

Hi everyone,
I have AP105 and AP 65, how much client (pc) that the access point can connect the same time.
Please help me. Thanks very much

Capcity of access point

I have seen instances of over a hundred users on each. The reality is
that you are on a shared half-duplex 802.11 channel at the end of the

That is usually the bottle neck, rather than the hardware itself.
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Re: Capcity of access point

It depends on how much bandwidth each client is consuming and what kind of technology your clients support. My general rule of thumb on deployments in heavy use areas is 10-15 clients on A/G, or 20-30 clients on N, assuming you have a GB connection for the AP.

If your users are doing light web surfing you can support more clients, but if they are doing heavy IMAP, Outlook clients, or heavy web video, I'd stick to the numbers above for a more robust network.
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