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Change mode from Air Monitor to AP

My APs( AP125 ) is registered to AP 6000 controller as only Monitor Mode.
I could not change the mode of the APs.
How can I change mode of the AP..Can I change the mode from AP CLI..
Do I need enable password of AP.
Controller 6000 firmware version is

Change mode from Air Monitor to AP

Mode of operation is controlled in the Radio Profile settings on the Aruba
controller. You can set each of the Radio Profile(s) to am-mode for Air Monitor or
ap-mode for Access point mode of operation.


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Re: Change mode from Air Monitor to AP

Change "mode" from "am-mode" to "ap-mode" will change your "g" radio to AP (assuming your rf profile is "default".

(WC01) #show rf dot11g-radio-profile default

802.11g radio profile "default"
Parameter Value
--------- -----
Radio enable Enabled
Mode am-mode
High throughput enable (radio) Enabled
Channel N/A
Beacon Period 100 msec
Beacon Regulate Disabled
Transmit EIRP 15 dBm
Advertise 802.11d and 802.11h Capabilities Disabled
Spectrum load balancing Disabled
Advertized regulatory max EIRP 0
Spectrum Load Balancing domain N/A
RX Sensitivity Tuning Based Channel Reuse disable
RX Sensitivity Threshold 0 -dBm
Non 802.11 Interference Immunity Level-2
Enable CSA Disabled
CSA Count 4
Management Frame Throttle interval 1 sec
Management Frame Throttle Limit 20

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Re: Change mode from Air Monitor to AP

My AP is AP-105, My Controller is 3200-XM. I have the radio frequency mode set to ap-mode and not am-mode and still the APs are coming up as Air Monitors. Can anyone pls help me out?

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