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Configuring Infoblox DHCP

Does anyone have any experience configuring infoblox dhcp filters and options for giving out the controller ip.
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Re: Configuring Infoblox DHCP

What do you need to know? We use Infoblox, but all the methods are standard across the board.

Originally, we had it set up with scope option 43 give the Controller IP. But due to a conflict with some other vendors devices needing to use option 43, we added the Controller's IP via aruba-master DNS name.
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Re: Configuring Infoblox DHCP

Sorry for the delay in responding. We setup an vendor specific filter for "ArubaAP" and then configured option 43 to deliver the controller IP of The DHCP request comes in and the offer with DNS ( and the IP ( are seen in the capture but the AP does not recognize it. Thank you!
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Re: Configuring Infoblox DHCP

My colleague figured out by configuring different options and looking at the packet captures that the AP 105 not only needed option 43 sent in a hex value but also needed to be told that the AP was not on the same network by sending it a different subnet mask.

So delivering the following in DHCP options from filter ArubaAP:

option 15 - domain name (could have just used it)
option 43 - controller ip (hex)
option 1 - subnet mask (different than what is being given to the AP by default)

Any explanations?
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Re: Configuring Infoblox DHCP

We use Infoblox for DHCP and use Option 60 to identify it is an Aruba AP and then return the controller IP via Option 43. All of our APs get the rest of their IP info from the standard DHCP leases used by the rest of our users.

What IP info is your AP getting? Is the gateway and such not being set properly?
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Re: Configuring Infoblox DHCP



Do you have a screenshot of that configuration?


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