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Details on antenna mounting

Hi, there.

Anyone knows where to find details on the mounting included on each antenna available? I find it almost impossible to get pictures of the back side of any antenna (only the fancy fronts are shown on datasheets).

I am actually trying to find if AP-ANT-14 show the same casing and mounting as AP-ANT-90 does (I already have one of the latter), but knowing where to fish is better than getting fed.

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ANT-14 Mounting

Usually the datasheet makes mention of the type of installation hardware included, but this is not very detailed. In the case of the ANT-14 vs ANT-90, these two antennas are electrically the same but the ANT-90 is modified for outdoor use and includes significant additional mounting hardware you are familiar with.

The ANT-14 has just the standard indoor installation clips for drop ceiling, here is a picture of the back of the antenna from the installation guide. The clips and adapter clips shown are all that is included with the ANT-14.
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Re: Details on antenna mounting

Thanks for your reply. I found those installation guides among other docs available at the hardware folder after contacting the local Aruba sales people.

It is a pity there are no real pics like the ones of the antenna front or an schematic with the meassures, but those guides did help a lot anyway.

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