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Difference between an AR-CA-SPOE-ADAPT-3 & a AR-CA-SPOE-ADAPT-4

Some of you might wonder why Aruba has 2 SPOE adaptors available, known under the infamous code name: AR-CA-SPOE-ADAPT-3 & AR-CA-SPOE-ADAPT-4

First, some basics about PoE. PoE has the option to use various wires on an RJ-45 cable. It may use the same wires as Ethernet 100BT or it may use on the contrary the remaining wires.

Midspan POE typically use the same wires as Ethernet. PoE switches typically will provide PoE on distinct wires.

SPOE means "Serial Power Over Ethernet". It means on top of carrying Ethernet & PoE, the same RJ-45 cable can be used to carry a serial connection, thus avoiding the need for a separate console port on the AP.

The "3" version is merely a cable splitter which separates the wires used for Ethernet and the wires used for serial connection.

The "4" version is a small device that will split the Ethernet and the Serial signals. This is why this device is needed when used in cunjunction with Midspans.

Of course, if 1000BT is used, since it needs the all the available 4 pairs to operate, PoE is bound to be carried on the same wires.

More details on the wiring is available in the AP installation guide (only for the APs that support SOE obviously though).
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