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Does IAP-105s need Licenses?

Forgive my lack of Googlefoo, but I cannot find information anywhere stating whether or not the Instant Access Points require the AP, Policy Enforcement Firewall and RF Protect licenses?

We are looking to get wireless into the door of our small schools and was looking into using 16 IAP-105s. Are they able to provide the same level of access and security that the regular controller based wireless systems?

Yesterday I access the "Chat" feature on Aruba Networks to ask this very question but "Anthony" would take mins to respond and when he did it was in vague terms that gave me the impression he was making it up.

He said that they sell the licenses in packages but he didn't respond when I asked for specifics.
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Re: Does IAP-105s need Licenses?

John - there are no licenses needed for the IAP-105. You can buy the hardware SKU and deploy up to 16 of them in a virtual cluster.

From an access and security perspective, they are equivalent to the non-IAP APs.
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