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Does anyone use single radio for mesh and serve client?


I have request from my customer that would like use existing AP85 5GHZ for meshing and serve client? Does anyone doing this type deployment before, and it is have any performance issue on mesh link?

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Sharing a Radio for multiple functions will spread performance

I have not fielded the scenario you mention, however sharing of a given radio for multiple functions will always serve to spread out the performance of the radio that otherwise would be achieved in dedicated mode.

So in doing MESH and Client access, the maximum MESH throughput will be lower than if the radio was doing MESHing alone. The No Free Lunch Principle.

That being said, I think one key question is how much MESH throughput is your client expecting at layer 3 across the link ? Is it 5 Mbps? 10 Mbps? 15 Mbps.... and so on. If it's near the theoretical capacity at layer 3 of 802.11a (~25Mbps) then there would be little to no headroom for client access on that radio anyways.

If the bandwidth expectations are near the low end of the scale (e.g. 5 Mbps is OK on the MESH) there would be lots of room for client access on the radio as well.

(You can gauge what the MESH link is doing today with a few commands, or WEBUI queries. Could be interesting to see how busy that link is as-is.)
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