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External Antennas, APs and you.

How-dee all,

So I have a bunch of RG-58 cable that I wanna chop up in to short lengths using both N-Type and RP-SMA connectors.
The question that I have is, do all of the APs that use RP-SMA connectors have a male end on them? I just need to know if I need to make M-M as well as M-F cables.

Your knowledge about M and F parts are sought after in this thread.
Lemme know if you can help!

Thanks everyone!

External Antennas, APs and you.


If you are using indoor access points, then yes they are using RP-SMA connectors. If you are using our outdoor APs you will see N connectors.

I'll follow-up with you off list as to the background on this.
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